Why brochures are a great marketing tool

Yes, that’s correct, we said brochures are a great marketing tool!

We love brochures at Corner House Print & Design – we know that with the introduction of the digital age brochures seem to have fallen out of favour BUT we believe they are making a comeback.

There is no denying that websites are easier to keep up to date if your product offering is constantly changing, but having a brochure is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to give your customers something tangible that sits on a desk or coffee table, long after they’ve viewed your business online.

We can think of lots of instances where a quality, professional designed brochure plays a key role in promoting your business.

Case Study – Portfolio Everything Property

A great example is a brochure we designed for Portfolio Everything Property – a well established company offering a wide range of building services from producing Plans & ReModelling to Kitchens and Bathrooms, they offer over 19 services to their customers.

The quality of the service offered is tangible in the form of the brochure – professional designed and printed on good quality stock, the brochure comprises a folder with individual inserts for each area of expertise, all co-ordinated within a colour spectrum, under a strong central brand.

The brochures are used for a multitude of purposes:

  • Given to people who visit the showrooms, as a takeaway to remind them of the quality of the goods and service on offer.
  • Mailed out to prospects who email or telephone for further information.
  • Handed out at exhibitions and events.

To invest in a printed brochure is to showcase your business as well established, trustworthy and customer focussed.

The flexibility of being able to customise the brochure to the services required by inserting individual data sheets, also keeps it cost effective.

Design is key

Whilst many think brochures are old fashioned, we strongly disagree, with some thought and creativity the result can be a serious “stand out” promotional tool that will leave a lasting impression.

Why use a professional graphic design agency?

To get a professional result, you need to use professionals. With a team of experts in graphic design, copywriting and photography who are happy to guide you through the whole process from ideas to design to print, you are guaranteed to be delighted with the result. One key benefit not to be ignored is their ability to come up with something unique to showcase your business.

Last but not least

Let us leave you with this thought. How many promotional emails do you receive in a day? How many do you delete? Now compare that to a quality brochure received through the post just when you are thinking of doing work on your home – what kind of impression does that make?

Are you thinking about producing a brochure? Please feel free to get in touch with Corner House Design & Print in Manchester for an informal chat about your brochure.

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