BNI 60 Seconds – No2

So my last blog post was about using our 60 seconds sales pitch throughout our blog and social media.

My previous 60 seconds worked as one of our fellow BNI members approached me and spoke about how I told them to look at first impressions and now its instinctive whenever he goes to a new restaurant, client or event. I know its something I do personally.

So here comes the next edition.


BNI 60 Seconds Post No2 – Facts tell, Stories Sell!

How do you make your business stand out from all of your competitors?

Last week I talked about perceptions and first impressions when visiting a restaurant.

But to get customers into the restaurant you are required to grab the passing trades attention with your shop front. If that shop front looks old and tired it isn’t going to give the greatest first impression and don’t forget you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.

How much potential trade has that old tired shop-front lost the business? Or to think about it in a positive way how much potential new custom would notice a facelift and draw them in to try it for the first time!

We can back this up with a case study from one of our clients LL Estates – They recently updated their shop-front in Rhuddlan Village including upgrading Point Of Sale boards to modern LED versions.

Not only did it get people talking in the village about the ever expanding local business but has drawn in massive amounts of new customers drawing them away from their competition.

We help business’s everyday stand out from their competitors whether it be the simplest of tasks as updating a business card through to a complete re-brand or corporate brochure.

I am currently looking for anyone wanting a Shop frontage design, print and fitting.

Alex Evans – Corner House Design & Print Ltd

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