Brochures – are they an effective marketing tool?

Businesses can benefit from having printed brochures as part of a marketing strategy.

Successful marketing uses a range of different channels. It’s not about keeping to one medium.

While there is plenty of attention given to digital marketing, print has its place, and printed brochures can reach audiences in ways that online channels cannot.

Printed literature builds brand credibility, and allows people to find out more about you in depth, at their own pace.

We’re a creative design studio, based in Manchester, and here we look at the benefits of using printed brochures for marketing purposes.


Brochure Credibility

What will help define your company in your prospects’ eyes? Printed literature makes it look like you mean business.

It is the brochure’s physical quality which helps make it distinctive as marketing material.

Whereas most people can hand someone a business card with a website address on it, or send them an email with their details, a brochure offers a different way to communicate.

What it gives the reader is time. Whereas a website has a few seconds at most to capture a visitor’s attention, the brochure is designed to let the reader browse, to focus and to digest its contents at a more leisurely pace.

Furthermore, the brochure suggests a deeper level of interaction. It’s material for your prospects to take away with them, and to experience something tangible, from the feel of the paper stock to the smell of the ink.

Brochures are accessible. Get the design and content right and they are an ideal medium for your audience gaining a swift understanding of the benefits of using your service or product.

Having a brochure suggests that you too have taken your time, to consider your approach and to appeal to your target audience.


What Goes in a Brochure?

It is vital to know what your reader wants. This means writing the brochure from their viewpoint.

When putting your brochure design and content together, consider the reader experience. How will they look at it, open it and digest the content?

What order would you expect them to ask questions about your business, brand, products or services?

Use this as a way of putting together a logical sequence for your brochure information.

Next, think about what you want your readers to do. Your brochure is a marketing tool; therefore, you should be using it in pursuit of a clear marketing objective.

It’s not use drawing them in with your carefully ordered content and attractive design if you don’t give them a clear call to action.

Motivate them to look inside your brochure, then further capture their attention by addressing their needs. Focus on the benefits of what you are offering them, more than the features.

Finally, persuade them to act, whether this is picking up the phone, placing an order, visiting your site or getting in touch electronically.


Pass it On

We know about things going viral online, and about the shareability of content. However, the printed brochure can work in the same way.

Obviously, its spread is not going to be as instant, but it has the power to resonate with readers, so that they pass it on to others.

As well put together brochure is its own recommendation, encouraging people to read it, to interact with it physically, and to give to others so that they can do the same.


Make Your Brochure Matter

Yes, a brochure is an effective marketing tool, but only if you get it spot on. This means design and content.

Let us help you get the printed product you need to connect with your target audience and attract new prospects and customers.

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