Why Print Matters in Marketing

It’s the digital age right, so print is a dead medium? Wrong. Print matters in marketing. Yes, there are plenty of digital marketing channels to explore, but print still represents a viable, and often dynamic, alternative.

As a creative design studio in Manchester, we work with a huge variety of local businesses, and we believe one key portal to successful marketing is print.

Here, we look at the reasons why print is alive, and the benefits it can bring to business.

Print is Memorable

For return on investment, Waitrose has described print as its most effective advertising channel.

Some research suggests as many as 70% of people are more likely to remember a business if they see it in print.

Many people continue to prefer print for reading, compared to on-screen content.

If the world we live in is about seeking, receiving and consuming information, then print still has a prominent role to play.

People interact with print differently than they do with online content. As an awareness-raising medium, print has less competition, because it requires more attention from the reader.

In other words, get your print content right, including how you position and distribute it, and you can attract a deeper level of attention, for longer.

The tactile element of print helps make it memorable. If someone physically holds the thing they are reading, it may make the brand more memorable, less fleeting than when encountered online.

Why Design for Print is Different

In a hugely competitive field, businesses are looking for a way to stand out, to differentiate themselves.

Online, this is increasingly challenging. Everyone has a website. Print, however, is different. It feels different to the consumer and it offers a wide range of possibilities to accentuate this.

These include: striking designs in layout of images and text, different paper size formats, folding and packaging, and the paper stock it’s printed on.

Also, in an age of supposed instant gratification through digital delivery, presenting something that’s designed for a more considered, even slower approach, may be quite radical.

When you factor in print’s increased longevity, you’ve got a medium that offers a truly alternative marketing channel.

Print and Brand Consistency

Your brand matters. It’s who you are and what your business stands for. Print is great for brand building.

Why? Because if you apply your brand properly and consistently, it offers different opportunities to reinforce it in the minds of your target audience, your prospects and your customers.

This goes beyond business cards, which still carry a huge currency for making contact details memorable, and essential. With print, you can carefully brand all your communications, from orders to invoices and beyond.

As a means of subtly emphasising your brand, print is essential.

Are You Ready for Offline Marketing?

Successful strategic marketing looks at several alternatives, combining its methods and means to communicate effectively.

Good design is essential to successful marketing, but so is making the right choices when it comes to your marketing channels.

In a competitive, crowded marketplace, offline marketing can be the thing that differentiates you.

Is this restricted to certain types of businesses?

Not necessarily so. Many different businesses can benefit from marketing themselves through print, from small enterprises serving the local community to larger concerns wanting to spread the word in a way that stands out.

Print Matters

Whether its leaflets or brochures, your corporate identity, or signage for exhibitions, we’ll provide you with the design expertise to make your brand and your business memorable.

Give us a call on 0161 777 6000, or email chdesign@globalnet.co.uk and let’s talk about your requirements.

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