BNI – 60 Seconds!

Corner House have been an established member of the Bolton BNI for well over 12 months now. We have found that BNI has helped to expand and grow our business in competitive times!

Part of the BNI meeting schedule gives each and every member of the group 60 seconds to give a ‘sales’ pitch to the rest of the group.

After an eye opening education slot last week from ‘Action Coach – Business Coach, Ian Finney’ It has shown us different ways to utilise the 60seconds pitch we write each week.

So after being an established member we find ourselves with at least 52 different scripts which aren’t being utilised.

From now on keep an eye on here or on our social media as we will be posting our 60 second sales pitch from that week. Im not going to go back to the very start but varying them from past weeks.

The following posts will all be linked. These have been used for the past few weeks flowing from one to another, a great way to get people thinking of how our services could benefit their 0r their associates business’s.


BNI 60 Seconds Post No1:

Do you want your business to look sexy?

This is what we at Corner House strive to achieve. As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is a common occurrence in our line of work!

We delve into our creative imagination to generate something bespoke to each client! No templates or generic styles are produced at Corner House and this makes each and every end product completely unique!

Image is everything! This is where we step in to create that unique piece of artwork that is going to grab your customers or target markets attention. Everything is judged from the look & style of a piece of marketing material all the way through to the touch and feel of it!

Next time you go out for a meal have a think about what perception the look and feel of the Menu gives you as a customer. For example an encapsulated piece of paper may give off the perception of cheap and cheerful.

I am currently looking for any company that may use bespoke catalogues to sell their products for instance a wholesaler or cash & carry.

Alex Evans

Corner House Design & Print Ltd

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