20 Years in Business – An Interview with The Head of Morale (aka Patch the Dog!)

What was your first ever job?

Destroying my mum’s slippers in the kitchen – oh they were the days

How many years have you been working in the creative industry?

I get told 7 years but feels more like 49

What was your first thought when Alex took you to visit the studio?

Oh my, this place is massive, so much room to run around and far too many sticks in the car park to choose from. I love charging down the stairs and going to interrupt Alan at Clocktower Creative, I’ve not been used for a voiceover yet though!

What’s your secret to working with family?

Keep them entertained and raise morale; my favourite game to play is “chase the mouse” (cursor) on the screen; for some reason though I just can’t catch it!

What is it like to work with 2 generations of Evans’s

I love it, Dave spoils me, especially when I visit their new house with a big garden to run around but Alex is a bit boring, he’s always telling me off for trying to get to the elves and often stops me chasing the cursor. I love him though – he’s my best pal.

What’s your favourite pastime?

This is rather difficult it’s a toss up between chasing my ball or stick or the other is curling up next to the radiator and snoozing away whilst Alex and Kasey are at work. I’m not a lazy dog honest!

If you could pass one piece of advice on to any dog in a business what would it be?

Look cute and play those “puppy” eyes, customers will love you and it helps boost sales. Or make sure you have a nice comfy bed to curl up on when they are busy doing boring work things and don’t have time to play.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Well this is difficult it used to be Dave & Julie’s until Alex started taking me to doggy day care at his nana’s house, now I love nothing more than running through that front door for my doggy treat and sitting on Brian’s Knee.

What do your friends think of you working?

Of course not all dogs can get “pawthorisation” to go to work, so I feel privileged, they say I have a ‘Woof’ time but they’re just jealous.

If you didn’t work in the Graphic Design industry what would you be doing?

I would love to be a tester of indestructible toys! Alex & Kasey won’t buy me any stuffed toys as they say I just destroy them.

Finally, any thank yous?

Thanks to all at Corner House they make me feel so welcome and a special thank you to Nana Joan, she stops me from being dragged into the studio everyday.

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