20 Years in Business – An Interview with Studio Manager, Janet Bowyer

Janet Bowyer , Studio Manager, Corner House Design & Print

What was your first ever job?

Saturday Assistant at Sale Library

How many years have you been working in the creative industry?

35 Years

Whats your secret to successfully work with a husband and wife team for so long?

Treat them as you would any other boss or colleague. But be nicer to the one who deals with the pay.

What is your key to building a strong and trustworthy team?

Allow people to work on their own initiative, offering support and advice. If they make mistakes, ensure they learn from them, put right what they can, then move on.

Over the past 6 years you have seen the business develop into a heredity business, what has the biggest change over the past 6 years been?

Alex – He’s bigger than everyone else

If you could pass one piece of advice on to anyone looking  to work closely in a family run team what would it be.

Learn the difference between what is a family argument and what is a business argument and stay out of the family ones.

Over the past 20 years you have seen a huge development in technology, what do you feel is the most beneficial and what is the most frustrating?

Email – For both.  It makes it much easier to contact people and speed up the proofing process, however it has made people expect the same speed for every aspect of the work, even when its not physically possible.

Who is your biggest influence when it comes to your determination in business?

Me – If you don’t get up every morning, go to work and do a good job, I’m not going to be able to do the things outside work I want to do with the money I earn. Also heard Tom Ray, who was severely affected by Sepsis, speaking on the radio with Jeremy Vine – Makes you realise that working in the design industry is a doddle compared to what some people have to face everyday.

Are there any people you wish to thank over the past 20 years?

Julie for signing the pay cheques

Dave for being a terrific, if sometimes grumpy, guy to work for – A cup of tea usually helps with the grumpiness.

Alex for lifting anything heavy.

Our printers and other suppliers for making what we design look fantastic, often under cost and time restrictions. And of course, our clients without whom we wouldn’t be celebrating 20 years!

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